University Distinguished Teaching Scholars


Up to twelve members of the faculty at Colorado State University hold the title of University Distinguished Teaching Scholar at any one time.

Faculty so honored, have performance records ranking them among the most outstanding teachers and educators in their disciplines.

They will hold the UDTS title for the duration of their affiliation with the University.

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TILT Governing Board:

As scholars and teachers receiving national and international acclaim for outstanding achievemnet, the University Distinguished Teaching Scholars serve as the governing board for the Institute for Learning and Teaching.

To this board the director of the Institute turns each semester, reporting upon its current progress as well as seeking both guidance regarding its long-term direction and approval for any upcoming initiative proposals.

Ken Barbarick

College of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

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Ken Barbarick has taught Introductory Soil Science, Soil Chemistry, Environmental Agronomy and Soil Fertility (Univ. of Hawaii). His research focuses on recycling waste materials in soils. He is a Fellow in the American Society of Agronomy, Soil Science Society of America, and National Association of College and Teachers of Agriculture.
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Stephanie Clemons

College of Health and Human Sciences
Department of Design and Merchandising

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Stephanie Clemons, Ph.D., FIDEC, FASID, is a full professor of Interior Design in the Department of Design and Merchandising. Dr. Clemons is considered to be an excellent teaching scholar at the department, university, and professional levels. Improving teaching and her students' learning has been a key focus of Dr. Clemons.
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Darrell Fontane

College of Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Darrell Fontane is a professor, Associate Head, and Director of the International School for Water Resources in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University. His areas of teaching and research are water resources decision support systems, computer aided water management, integrated reservoir water quantity and quality management, and Internet-based education and training.
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Matthew Hickey

College of Health and Human Sciences
Department of Health and Exercise Science

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Matthew Hickey is a professor of Health and Exercise Science, director of the Human Performance Clinical Research Lab, and director of his department's graduate program. He teaches courses in areas including Physiology of Exercise, Bioenergetics, and Integrative Metabolism.
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K. Douglas Hoffman

College of Business
Department of Marketing

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K. Douglas Hoffman is a Professor of Marketing within the College of Business and specializes in the field of services marketing.
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Paul A. Kennedy

College of Natural Sciences
Department of Mathematics

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Paul Kennedy is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Colorado State University. His career in the teaching and learning of mathematics spans 37 years, including 10 years as a secondary mathematics teacher and 27 years as a university mathematics educator. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from the University of Texas at Austin in 1988.
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Nancy E. Levinger

College of Natural Sciences
Department of Chemistry

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Since joining the faculty at Colorado State University in 1992, Nancy Levinger has combined her research and teaching interests through the involvement of undergraduate students in research.
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John Moore

Warner College of Natural Resources
Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

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Mike Palmquist

College of Liberal Arts
Department of English

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A specialist in rhetoric and composition, and currently Associate Provost for Instructional Innovation, Mike Palmquist teaches undergraduate writing courses and graduate seminars in rhetorical theory, computers and writing, research methodology, and nonfiction writing. He has been a member of the faculty at Colorado State University since 1990.
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Erica Suchman

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology

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Dr. Suchman has been a member of the CVMBS faculty since 1995 and teaches microbiology. An internationally recognized expert and lecturer on using active learning techniques to foster critical thinking skills while teaching science in large lecture halls, she is a past winner (2000-2001) of the N. Preston Davis Award for Instructional Innovation and an inductee into the George H. Glover Distinguished Contemporary Faculty Gallery.
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Ray Whalen

College of Veternary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Department of Biomedical Sciences

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Ray Whalen's primary scholarly activities center on the design, development and evaluation of interactive multimedia programs to provide integrated instruction about veterinary neurobiology, mammalian functional and equine anatomy, and clinical neurology.  He also serves as Director of the Neurosciences Division of the Department of Biomedical Sciences.
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Toni Schindler Zimmerman

College of Health and Human Sciences
Department of Human Development and Family Studies

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Toni Zimmerman, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, is an authority on how gender and diversity shape family relationships and the role of power dynamics in couple and family therapy. She established the nationally recognized Marriage and Family Therapy program and has published extensively on marriage and family therapy.
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