Tips: Course Design and Development Topics

Course Design and Evaluation

5 Ways Online Teaching Positively Affects Your Classroom: Info
Blended Courses And ADDIE: Info
Brainstorming Course Vision, Goals and Outcomes: Info
Creating an Effective Syllabus: This tip gives an overview of how to create a standard syllabus plus four helpful links to web sites on syllabus designing. Info
Creating Course Topics, Assignments & Activities: Info
Designing Homework: This tip provides some suggestions for designing homework assignments that will help students to get the most out of your class. Info
Developing a Course Syllabus and Class Policies: Info
Developing Course Learning Objectives: A brief "How To..." for establishing course learning objectives. Info
Developing Evaluation Rubrics: Info
Developing Your Presentation of Course Content: Info
Getting Students to Read the Class Syllabus: This tip gives a few ideas for getting students to actually read the course syllabus. Info
MERLOT: A FREE Online Course Design Community: A brief review of—and link to—MERLOT, a free online resource for higher education teaching materials. Info
Six Tips for Handling Grade Complaints: A list of suggestions to include in the syllabus and first day class discussion regarding grades and grade complaints. Info
So...You've Never Taught "That" Class Before!: Exploring some "Do's" & "Don'ts" for developing and teaching a new course. Info
Stay On Course With the Daily Class Session Guide: Info
What is an Instructional Designer?: A brief description of what a professional Instructional Designer does. Info
Why Letter Grades? How about Using Words Instead?: Info

Distance/Online Strategies

Teaching with Technology

"Clickers" aka Classroom Response Systems: An introduction to automated Classroom Response Systems Info
Checking Technology at the Classroom Door: Info
Colorado State University Access Project: Universal Design for Learning: Info
Create a RamCT Chat Room: Instructions for using Help at RamCT to set up online chat rooms. Info
Create a RamCT Discussion Forum: Instructions for using Help at RamCT to set up an online discussion forum. Info
Diverse Ways of Learning: This tip describes a Teaching With Technology Workshop presented by award-winning professor David Greene. Info
Engaging Students in the Age of Smartphones: Info
Innovative Mobile Apps for Teaching: Info
Podcasting in Higher Education: This teaching tip links to a interview with Dr. Daniel Colman, Director and Associate Dean of Stanford University's Continuing Studies program, who discusses the use of podcasting at the college level. Info
Scavenger Hunting: An Activity for Online Course Orientation: Info
Using Sound in Classroom Projects: This tip summarizes a podcast from the Chronicle of Higher Education about using audio recording in class projects. Info
Using Tablet PCs as "Labtops": This tip summarizes some creative uses of Tablet PCs as they are used by a Colorado State University chemistry professor. Info