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Inclusive Conversations

Many of us struggle with creating inclusive conversation: What do I say? How do I say it? This session explores the concept of Intent vs Impact and how we can unintentionally create a hostile environment for our colleagues, students, and employees. We explore common phrases which marginalize campus members and discuss best practices to creating inclusive conversations. This workshop is sponsored by Graduate Women in Science, TILT, Graduate School, and the Warner College of Natural Resources. Lunch will be provided.

Apr 12, 2017


Bring the World to your Students

As technology and trade continue to shrink our world and bring us all closer together, our responsibilities to bring that world into our courses increases. This workshop will provide several models and resources for designing innovative courses and programs that fully integrate international aspects into the learning objectives, pedagogies, and content.

Mar 29, 2017


Discussions - Fostering Conversations

Have you ever had to address an audience you didn’t know and might never interact with again? In this interactive Master Teacher Initiative Event, the history department’s Jared Orsi will share his observations about how to connect with such a group and foster conversation among them. And he’ll ask you to share yours, too!

Apr 17, 2017


Let's Talk about Race and Racial Construction

Please join us for this seminar to bring to light the social construction of race and how it plays out current dynamics in the US. Lunch will be provided by TILT. Karina L. Cespedes was born in Havana, Cuba. She received her M.A and Ph.D in Ethnic Studies from U.C Berkeley. Her research and writing is dedicated to the study of U.S. Women of Color feminist praxis as well as Cuban tourism and sex work. She is an assistant professor of Ethnic Studies at CSU where she teaches courses on race and social movements, black feminism and black cinema.

Mar 31, 2017