Meet Your Spring 2014 Study Group Leaders

ART 100

Lydia O'Reilly

Lydia O'ReillyI am a senior double majoring in art history and liberal arts with a minor in sociology. My interests outside of school include painting, hiking, reading, and welding. This is my second semester leading the ART 100 Study Group; I loved it last semester and am looking forward to this semester!.

BC 351

Alaine Ziegler

Alaine ZieglerMy name is Alaine Ziegler and I am a Graduate Student in the biochemistry department. I run study groups for BC 351. I am originally from Lakewood CO and I love to read, play with my dogs and hang out with my friends.

BZ 101 & BZ 110

Sarah Groenwald

Sarah GroenwaldI am a sophomore Natural Resources Management major from Boulder, CO. When I am not a Study Group Leader for BZ110 and BZ101, I enjoy biking, dancing, riding horses, and spending long hours in coffee shops for no apparent reason. I also have an irrational fear of cold water and an irrational love of drawing pictures to explain concepts in biology. I believe that learning should be about connecting with information, not just memorizing it, and studying can always be made more fun!

CHEM 111

Colleen McCollum

Colleen McCollumI am a sophomore in the biochemistry major. I am also working on minors in both biomedical engineering and mathematics. Upon graduating I hope to find a job in research and development of neural biochemical processes and treatments.

CHEM 113

Ryan Olson

Ryan OlsonI am majoring in biochemistry, and I will be graduating this December. After CSU, I plan on attending dental school. I enjoy drinking coffee, hiking, camping, taekwondo (I am a second degree black belt), music (especially Led Zeppelin) and 1/35 scale plastic modeling.

CHEM 343

Mitchell Bordelon

Mitchell BordelonHi there! My name is Mitchell Bordelon and I am the study group leader for organic chemistry. Currently, I am a sophomore student pursuing a degree in chemistry. When I am not in class or tutoring, I spend my time working in Assistant Professor James Neilson's lab with the aim of developing new magnetic materials. Also, I enjoy going out for a long bike ride or a great day of powder snowboarding. After graduating from CSU, I plan on attending graduate school to study solid state chemistry.

ECON 202

Terran Hause

Terran HauseI grew up in Windsor CO, which is a small town 25 miles east of Fort Collins. My current majors are Political Science, Economics and German, which have all contributed to my defining experiences in college. Last summer, I was an intern in Senator Bennet's Office and I gained a better understanding of the legislative process at the federal level. This will be my second semester as a Tilt Study Group Leader and I am really excited to build on the skills and lessons I learned last semester. I hope to pursue a career in the developing field of ecological economics.

FSHN 350 Section 001 - Gentile

Drew Simonson

Drew SimonsonI will be graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Sciences at Colorado State University. My major is Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Dietetics. I am very passionate about metabolism and I have learned much about biochemistry through pursuing this passion. In the near future, I would love to be a Registered Dietitian at a long-term care facility.

FSHN 350 Section 002 - Foster

Sarah Ehrlicher

Sarah EhrlicherI am a senior in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. I have been working in the Translational Research on Aging and Chronic Disease Lab since my freshman year. I am now waiting to hear back from the CSU Health and Exercise Science Department about my application for the master's program. Outside of the classroom, you will find me cooking, crafting, and listening to Coldplay, often at the same time.

LIFE 102

Roshni Bhuvan

Roshni BhuvanMy name is Roshni Bhuvan, and I am the Study Group Leader for LIFE 102. I am a second year Chemistry major at CSU, as well as an Undergraduate TA for LIFE 102. I love the outdoors, and I dance competitively. I am also a tea fanatic, and I can be found quite frequently in Happy Lucky's stocking up on more tea!

LIFE 201 B

Sarah Peck

Sarah PeckI'm a junior Biomedical Sciences major from Dayton, Ohio. After I graduate, I plan on going to Graduate School to obtain a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and from there pursue a career in Genetics. I love to bake, spend time with friends and family, and to learn as many new things as I can.

LIFE 203

Josh Detwiler

Josh DetwilerMy name is Josh Detwiler and I am the student group leader for LIFE 203. I am a junior biochemistry major and was raised in Denver. After doing electrical work for five years, I decided that working in the cold and having constant back and knee pain was not for me, so I enrolled at Arapahoe community college for a year then transferred to CSU. LIFE 203 is a really interesting course and I look forward to helping out any student who needs it.

MATH 141

Yiyi Hu

Yiyi HuMy name is Yiyi, and I am a sophomore major in Watershed Science. My career goal is to be a watershed specialist. Human beings will be faced with severe shortage of drinking water in the near future, and I want to devote myself to relieve this problem

MATH 155

Anneliese Detmer

Anneliese DetmerHello! My name is Anneliese Detmer and I am a zoology and chemistry double major. I have a passion for animals and i hope to obtain a PhD in animal science.

PH 122

Alison Husted

Alison HustedMy name is Alison Husted. I am a senior majoring in Biomedical Sciences and I plan to go to nursing school after I graduate. I was born and raised in Colorado and in my free time I enjoy to ski and paint.

STAT 301

Paul Harmon

Paul HarmonI am a junior Statistics and Economics double major at CSU. I am especially interested in using statistical methods for regional economic analysis. As a native Coloradan from Grand Junction, I am a huge Broncos fan and I also love the outdoors! Outside of class, I'm often playing golf, skiing or fly fishing.