Master Teacher Initiative

The Master Teacher Initiative (MTI) is a University-wide program to enhance the quality of teaching within CSU's colleges and libraries. The objectives of the MTI are to:

The Master Teacher Initiative was developed in 2005 by Dr. Doug Hoffman, professor of marketing in the College of Business. Dr. Hoffman, who was appointed as a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar in 2007, now serves as the University coordinator for the initiative and as the MTI leader for the College of Business. In Fall 2006, the College of Natural Sciences launched its own teaching initiative, the Best Practices in Teaching lunches, led by Dr. Frank Vattano. When TILT began to work with Dr. Hoffman to make the MTI a campus-wide initiative, the College of Natural Sciences brought its existing initiative into the program. Today, faculty leaders in each of the Colleges, the Library, and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs develop MTI programs each semester for their colleagues, allowing each MTI to respond to the needs and interests of faculty in specific disciplines.

Master Teacher Workshops

Held once a month during the noon hour, Master Teacher Workshops offer the opportunity to participate in an hour-long session that includes a catered lunch, a brief presentation on a central issue in teaching and learning, and a follow-up discussion of ideas addressed in the presentation. The workshops provide an opportunity to interact with colleagues from disciplines across the College.

Master Teacher Tip of the Week

Each Monday, the College MTI leader sends an email message containing a brief teaching tip. The tips—written by the MTI coordinator, published in journals or on other sites, or drawn from TILT's extensive collection of teaching tips—address issues including plagiarism and cheating, closing routines for class, diversity and teaching, effective teacher attributes, exam design, humor and education, motivating students, understanding students, inspirational materials related to education, and specific tactics relating to adult education. Each tip can be read in five-to-ten minutes and is provided as "food-for-thought."

MTI Programs

The MTI supports programs in all Colleges, the Library, as well as the Division of Student Affairs.

Ken BarbarickAgriculture
Ken Barbarick
Soil and Crop Sciences
C130 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-6394
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Rod LuceroApplied Human Sciences
Rod Lucero
School of Teacher Ed. and Principal Preparation
103 Education
(970) 491-1916
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Doug HoffmanBusiness
Doug Hoffman
Department of Marketing
115 Rockwell Hall
(970) 491-2791
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Pam CokeLiberal Arts
Pamela Coke
Department of English
326 Willard O. Eddy Hall
(970) 491-6848
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Deborah M. GarrityNatural Sciences
Deborah M. Garrity
Department of Biology
E328 Anatomy-Zoology
(970) 491-2513
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David McKelfreshStudent Affairs
David McKelfresh
Division of Student Affairs
201 Administration
(970) 491-4722
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Merinda McClureUniversity Libraries
Merinda McLure
Associate Professor
153 Morgan Library
(970) 491-7175
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Erica SuchmanVeterinary Med. & Biomedical Sciences
Erica Lynn Suchman
Dept. of Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology
B127 Microbiology
(970) 491-6521
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