Emily Robitschek, 2016 Truman Finalist

Emily Robitschek
Emily Robitschek

Emily studies Biochemistry and Anthropology at Colorado State University. She is passionate about serving society through biomedical research and has conducted cancer research at several universities in the US and in Argentina.

As a result of her experiences volunteering in Haiti, Nicaragua, and Argentina, Emily plans to serves underserved communities in the US and abroad through public health efforts. She hopes that her discoveries and the discoveries of scientists everywhere can be applied in a way that reflects the World Health Organization's view of health as a human right.

In her free time, Emily enjoys singing, volunteering to help international students learn English and feel welcome in the community, learning languages, hiking in the Colorado mountains, traveling, listening to NPR, and spending time with friends and family.

She plans to pursue a Master's in Public Health and a PhD—both of which will help her investigate chronic illness as a scientist. She will also use this training as a foundation for work with the public, politicians, and scientists alike to eliminate health disparities as a professor and public health advocate.