TILT Contact Information

801 Oval Drive, Fort Collins, Co

1052 Campus Delivery, Ft. Collins, CO 80523



Photo of Prof. Gwen Gorzelsky

Prof. Gwen Gorzelsky
Executive Director

Office: TILT, Rm 234
Email Phone 970.491.3139


Photo of Barb Houser

Barb Houser
Operations Manager

Office: TILT, Rm 231
Email Phone 970.491.4820

Photo of Peter Connor

Peter Connor
Communications Director

Office: TILT, Rm 209
Email Phone 970.491.5277

Photo of Debra Dandaneau

Debra Dandaneau

Office: Physics, Rm D107
Email Phone 970.491.7809

Photo of Wayne Hall

Wayne Hall
Assessment Data Specialist

Office: Rm 212
Email Phone 970.491.6108

Photo of Fleurette "Flo" King

Fleurette "Flo" King
Equity Educator

Office: TILT, Rm 212
Email Phone 970.491.2988

Photo of Janet Mabon

Janet Mabon
Fiscal and Budget Coordinator

Office: Rm 219
Email Phone 970.491.3132

Photo of Nolan Smith

Nolan Smith
Web Developer / Programmer

Office: TILT, Rm 141
Email Phone 970.491.2272

Curriculum and Instruction

Photo of Karen Falkenberg

Karen Falkenberg
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Office: TLT, Rm 235
Email Phone 970.491.3303

Photo of Tonya Buchan

Tonya Buchan
Instructional Designer

Office: TILT, Rm 232
Email Phone 970.491.2966

Photo of Debora Colbert

Debora Colbert
Director of Professional Development; Co-Director, CSU Center for Mindfulness

Office: TILT, Rm 145
Email Phone 970.491.2645

Photo of Christopher Geanious

Christopher Geanious
Instructional Designer

Office: TILT, Rm 233
Email Phone 970.491.3310

Photo of Margit Hentschel

Margit Hentschel
Director of Service-Learning; Co-Dir, CSU Center for Mindfulness

Office: TILT, Rm 301
Email Phone 970.491.2032

Photo of Stan Kruse

Stan Kruse
Learning Technology and Analytics Program Manager

Office: TILT, Rm 213
Email Phone 970.491.6099

Photo of Courtney Ngai

Courtney Ngai
DAT Researcher/Facilitator

Office: Rm 233
Email Phone

Photo of Hailey Otis

Hailey Otis
Graduate Coordinator, Professional Development

Office: TILT Rm, 140
Email Phone 9704912645

Photo of Jennifer Todd

Jennifer Todd
Instructional Designer

Office: TILT, Rm 232
Email Phone 970.491.2975

Instructional Technologies

Photo of Katy Little

Katy Little
Director of Instructional Technologies

Office: TILT, Rm 216
Email Phone 970.491.2947

Photo of Barbara Maynard

Barbara Maynard
Instructional Designer

Office: TILT, Rm 215
Email Phone 970.491.7761

Photo of Justin Switzer

Justin Switzer
Course Developer

Office: TILT, Rm 218
Email Phone 970.491.1750

Academic Affairs

Photo of Allison Penfield

Allison Penfield
Director of Academic Affairs

Office: Rm 144
Email Phone 970.491.4921

Photo of Dr. Joseph Brown

Dr. Joseph Brown
Director: Academic Integrity Program

Office: Rm 147
Email Phone 970.491.2898

Photo of Stacey Clark

Stacey Clark
Learning Assistants Program Coordinator

Office: TILT, Rm 146
Email Phone 970.491.2276

Photo of Mekdelawit Desta

Mekdelawit Desta
Learning Programs Coordinator

Office: Rm 146
Email Phone 970.491.1779