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CURC History

CSU students conducting research in 1912
Long before CURC, CSU's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was responsible for the first, formal research symposium on campus. Over time, that event evolved into a college-wide showcase for students in the College of Natural Sciences (CNS).

Around 1989-90, the Office of the Provost began working with CNS to facilitate the development of their annual research poster session into the university-wide event that we know today as the Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase. With the inclusion of all disciplines represented at CSU, CURC now showcases much more than traditional research. Audiences now attend CURC as much for the writing, artwork, music, and design projects as they do to observe the research presentations.

The latest development in CURC has been the inclusion of students from visiting institutions ranging from CSU Pueblo to the University of Wisconsin System. Thus, CSU students now have the opportunity to interact and share with their counterparts at other colleges and universities.

From a handful of students presenting their research from a single department decades ago, to over 500 students presenting their research from across the university today, CURC continues to be an evolving event that captures the spirit, creativity, and scholarship of undergraduate students.

CURC Steering Committee

Co-Chair —TBA

Co-Chair — Dr. Nancy Levinger, College of Natural Sciences

TBA, College of Business

Dr. Thomas Borch, College of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Matt Hickey, College of Applied Human Sciences

Dr. Chris Myrick, Warner College of Natural Resources

Dr. Thomas Siller, College of Engineering

Dr. Michael Carolan, College of Liberal Arts

Mary Swanson, TILT Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry

CURC Contacts

Contact Info

Photo of Mary Swanson

Mary Swanson
Interim Dir. Student Engagement

Johnson Commons, Rm 223 F
Photo of Raj Trikha

Raj Trikha
CURC Grad Student Coordinator.

Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry

Location: Johnson Hall – Rm. 223
(South-Facing Entrance)

Phone: (970) 491-3659