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To get the most out of this self-test, please read the introduction to Academic Honesty and review the Overview of Terms. Those links take you to an external site. You will find a lot of useful information on those sites, so we recommend you spend some time looking around. However, you must return to this page, on the CSU TILT site in order to take the version of the self-test that can be reported to your instructor. Use the Back button or return to the original link for this page.

The self-test refers to specific types of plagiarism that are defined and described in the Overview of Terms. The self-test contains several exercises that simulate the types of dilemmas you may encounter during the course of an academic year. It should take about fifteen minutes to complete.

Navigating the Self-Test

If your CSU instructor has required you to take the self-test and report the results, make sure you navigate back to this page and start the self-test by clicking the link on the bottom of this page.

The self-test includes a navigation bar that not only lets you Know where you are in the process but that also allows you to move backwards to review questions should you want to. It looks like this:

Roll over previous squares to return to earlier questions.

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Question 3

If you do review a previous question during the self-test, you need to use the "backspace" key (or "Alt + left arrow" on Windows; or "Command/Apple + left arrow" on Macs) on your keyboard to return to where you left off.

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