Current Academic Success Workshops

Spring Semester 2021

Tuesdays | 5:00-6:00 pm — Wednesdays | 6:00-7:00 pm

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Organization Techniques
Tues – Jan 26 | Wed – Jan 27 

Habits turn to a daily routine. Join us as we cover practical organization skills to adapt as the semester begins. Creating better organizational habits can help students perform better on assignments, decrease stress, and be proactive for other tasks.

Mastering Time Management
Tues – Feb 2 | Wed – Feb 3 

Join us to learn how to effectively prioritize a schedule, create a balance, and maximize a school-work-personal schedule. Time Management is a skill learned through practice.

Success in Online Courses
Tues – Feb 9 | Wed – Feb 10 

Effective time management, discipline, and learning communities are three ways to thrive in online courses. Join us to learn more strategies on how to thrive in a virtual and in-person learning environment.

Midterm Study Strategies
Tues – Feb 16 | Wed –Feb 17 

The energy is high, so is the stress of mid-terms. Join us in this interactive workshop to learn high impact study strategies to ace your next big exam.

Managing Academic Stress
Tues – Feb 23 | Wed – Feb 24 

Research has shown that a small amount of stress is good. However, too much stress leads to anxiety and poor performance. In this workshop, we will discuss academic stressors students face and how to navigate those challenges.

Forming Effective Study Groups
Tues – Mar 2 | Wed – Mar 3 

Forming study groups is a great way to strengthen your understanding of course materials, find like-minded people who thrive in a collaborative learning environment, and prepare for your next exam. Research also has shown participating in collaborative learning helps to improve critical thinking & problem-solving skills. Join us as we discuss what makes a study group effective.

Covid Connect
Tues – Mar 9 | Wed – Mar 10 

Presented by CSU Health Network

We are all facing a huge amount of change as we learn to cope with the pandemic. This session explores the various challenges that each of us faces and will guide students through evidenced-based self-care and coping strategies. Students will learn about COVID-Connect, six coping strategies, and campus resources available for students.

Sleep: Why You Need It
Tues – Mar 16 | Wed – Mar 17 

Presented by Center for Community Partnerships

Join us as we learn the importance of sleeping and why we need it. Our guest speaker will share research-based recommendations regarding the importance of good sleep and strategies to improve your sleep quality! Sleep plays a KEY factor in helping us stay productive, increase learning retention, keeping us healthy and stress-free.

Public Speaking: in-Person & Online
Tues – Mar 23 | Wed –Mar 24 

Curious about how to create a dynamic presentation, increase audience engagement, and manage nervousness? We invite you to join our workshop and learn some behind the scenes strategies.

Job Searching During Covid
Tues – Mar 30 | Wed – Mar 31 

Presented by the Career Center

Whether you are starting or trying to make progress on the virtual job search, the Career Center is here for you. Join us as our guest speaker shares tips and strategies on navigating the job market and how to get you closer to your next new employment.

College is Difficult and That's Okay!
Tues – Apr 6 | Wed –Apr 7 

College is hard, and you are not the first one to feel that. Join us as we learn how to gain our momentum back through the approaches of the Growth Mindset. We will also discuss how to navigate the challenges of higher education and how to find campus resources.

Why Do We Procrastinate?
Tues – Apr 20 | Wed – Apr 21 

Understand why and how we procrastinate. Procrastination is not curable; however, this workshop teaches ways to develop healthy habits and how to overcome procrastination.

Excelling in Summer Session
Tues – Apr 27 | Wed –Apr 28 

Presented by CSU Summer and Collaborative for Student Achievement

Three of Five students participate in CSU Summer session at some point. Summer is a great time to earn credits in a shorter timeframe. Come and gain tips for being successful in classes that move along at a quicker pace. Plus, learn about campus resources available to support you during the summer.

Final Exam Preparation
Tues – May 4 | Wed – May 5 

Develop a plan to finish the semester strong. This workshop will high impact study strategies, test-taking techniques and, how to decrease test anxiety.