Current Well-Being Wednesday Workshops

Fall Semester 2019
Presented by CSU Health Network 

Wednesdays | 4:30-5:30 pm

— TILT Room 221— 

A Full Life: Pathways to Resilience
Wednesday – Oct 23 

What makes a good life? Come to learn about the three pathways to well-being supported by research in positive psychology: pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Having these in your life helps you to be more resilient and have a greater sense of well-being. You will have the opportunity to assess which pathways you are currently pursuing in your life and ones that are missing. Tips will be provided on how to utilize these pathways to move toward a more balanced and full life. Join in this interactive and informative workshop.

Physical Self-Care
Wednesday – Oct 30 

Learn about maintaining effective physical self-care practices, including eating well, exercise, and sleeping habits. You will be introduced to helpful tips/tricks as well as resources in these three different areas. Engage in relevant discussions, complete your own self-care assessment, and take away a self-drafted plan to implement in your life.

Test Anxiety
Wednesday – Nov6 

This workshop focuses on how to recognize and learn strategies to overcome test anxiety. Self-assessment and group discussion will help you identify if the struggle stems from test preparation problems or test anxiety challenges. You will have opportunities for practice and skill-building too.

Boosting Belonging
Wednesday – Nov 13 

Learn how to increase your confidence when connecting with your peers and how to be more authentic, curious, and open in your interactions with them. Learn how to use other people's favorite words to build connection, avoid the worst of small talk, and how to integrate the "A-Z Talk," the "Engagement Ring Story," the "Left Eye" and "T-Rex" concepts, among others, into your communication style. Ultimately, learn the how to reach and find belonging, over merely fitting in.

Presented by SLiCE

Rams Fail Forward
Wednesday – Nov20 

If you've experienced failure, you're not alone. Most of us are hard-wired to avoid the pain of failure. This innate response can reduce our capacity to recover and can negatively impact our health. Yet, failure has so much it can teach us. Learn the steps we can take to help us cope, learn, and grow from life's inevitable difficulties.

Stress Less
Wednesday – Dec 4 

During this interactive session, you will gain a better understanding of the stress response, the positive and negative effects of stress, and the influence of the mind/body connection to stress management. This session has activities to identify your causes of stress and stress warning signs, and to learn different coping techniques and resources.

Creative Chill Out
Wednesday – Dec11 

Being creative can help us reduce stress by giving our thinking mind a break. Creating something can be restorative, boosts our mood, and takes very little time. In this session, you will experience various ways to bring creative breaks in small moments of everyday life. No prior skills required.