Second HURS Semester

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Getting Involved in Research

Having spent your first semester learning research fundamentals your second will be devoted more to application and actual research.

Generally you will be engaged between six and ten hours a week either working with your faculty mentor on a research project of your own design, or on a research team with other undergraduate and graduate students, lab technicians, postdoctoral fellows and faculty already engaged in a current research project.

Opportunities for attending professional conferences and participating in seminars and symposia will also be provided. During your participation in the Honors Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, you will present your research findings and results at the annual Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC) Showcase held on the Colorado State University campus at the end of each spring semester.

The opportunity to form long-lasting relationships with your faculty mentor as well as your fellow HURS scholars and the other researchers with whom you have been engaged cannot be overstated. Your undergraduate research will stand throughout your life as a cornerstone accomplishment, something in which you may rightly take great pride, and quite possibly even a career starter.

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