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Undergraduate Research Academies are intended to provide interdisciplinary research opportunities for undergraduates across a range of disciplines. Each academy allows groups of undergraduates to address a common problem or theme from their unique disciplinary perspectives.

Participating students are guided in this inquiry-driven process by at least one faculty mentor. Each academy is provided with a budget of up to $10,000. This funding can be used to support research costs, site/conference travel costs, mentor stipends, departmental contributions, etc. In addition, logistical support and advertising are provided by the Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry.

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Educational research indicates that undergraduates who are engaged in faculty mentored research achieve higher: 1) academic performance; 2) rates of retention; 3) rates of entry into graduate and professional programs; and 4) performance ratings from employers.


  • How many students should participate in an academy?
    This varies. Past academies have ranged in numbers of participants from as few as 8 to as many as 35 in a single academic year. However, it is recommended that a minimum of 15–20 students participate in each academy per academic year.
  • Can graduate students and post-docs serve as mentors?
    Absolutely! But there must be at least one supervising faculty/staff mentor assigned to the academy as well.
  • Are all academies provided with funding and logistical support?
    Funding and logistical support are provided on a competitive basis. As part of the registration process (below) you will be invited to apply for support.

2018-19 Call for Proposals Now Open

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