Program for the 2010 PDI

Friday, January 8th

8:00 AM

Session Title:
"Top 10" Frequently Asked Questions with Employee Relations
William Thompson,Kinda Carpenter
Management/Supervisory Skills
Friday, January 8th 2010
Start Time:
8:00 AM
Session Length:
1 Hour, 50 Minutes
220-22 LSC
When you have a question relating to a policy or procedure, do you ever wonder if you are the only one with that question? In this session, Kinda Carpenter and BJ Thompson, Employee Relations managers, will present the “Top 10” questions and answers that they encounter in their interactions with the campus community. Some of the topics will include how to: handle overtime issues, address performance concerns, manage medical issues in the workplace, deal with conflict between coworkers and properly account for time off using accrued leaves. Additionally, attendees will leave the session with an understanding of who to contact if questions arise.
Goals and Target Audience: