Program for the 2011 PDI

1:00 PM

Session Title:
ARTstor for Everyone
Naomi Lederer
Personal/Professional Enrichment
Start Time:
1:00 PM
Session Length:
1 Hour, 50 Minutes
165 Library (CC#2)
This session will provide an overview of ARTstor, a Library database with over one million images. Images are "from outstanding museums, libraries, photo archives, scholars, artists and artists' estates, and photographers." ARTstor is of interest to more than art historians—for instance, science faculty might want to use ARTstor as an easy way to share images (.jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .png) from their personal collections of microbes, tree bark, or forest landscapes. Plus it can be fun just to browse through the multitude of images. Session topics covered will include how to: search ARTstor; save images in groups; export into PowerPoint; add personal and instructor notes; image manipulation (sizing, etc.); exporting to Endnote; unlocking password-protected folders; and more. The entire session will be hands-on. The latter part of the session will be aimed at faculty members who want to share specific images with their students and will therefore cover topics related to uploading images from personal collections and how to share image groups.
Goals and Target Audience:
Goal is for attendees to feel confident searching and using ARTstor. Audience is everyone at CSU, faculty and staff, although the part on sharing images is aimed at teaching faculty; others can search ARTstor for items of their own interest while those parts of the session are taking place.