Program for the 2012 PDI

3:00 PM

Session Title:
The CSU-INTO Partnership and Its Impact on the University
James Cooney,Amy Parsons,Blanche Hughes,Tom Gorell
International Issues
Start Time:
3:00 PM
Session Length:
1 Hour, 50 Minutes
214/16 LSC
CSU is working to internationalize its campus and significantly increase student numbers in the next few years, especially at the undergraduate level. The partnership between CSU and INTO offers a transformational opportunity to reach this goal and build the international student population at CSU. The project will help diversify the campus and enhance the educational experience of all students. This session will cover the reasons for CSU to consider this CSU-INTO partnership plus the processes being used to implement the program. Nine workgroups have been established on campus to discuss the INTO partnership. Participants in the session will include the CSU and INTO coordinators for the planning phase and others who have been centrally involved. Plans for implementation as well as likely "Pathway Programs" will be outlined.
Goals and Target Audience:
The goal of this session is to help the CSU community understand what the CSU-INTO partnership means and how it will impact the university. The target audience is diverse - from educators to administrators to staff.