Program for the 2012 PDI

Tuesday, January 10th

11:00 AM

Session Title:
There’s more to research than Wikipedia: Engaging students in the age of Google
Amy Hoseth
General Teaching Topics
Tuesday, January 10th 2012
Start Time:
11:00 AM
Session Length:
50 Minutes
Morgan Library CC175
In an age where “everything is available on Google,” how can you convince students to go further and use authoritative, scholarly sources for their research? This PDI session will explore the concept of information literacy, and will emphasize the importance of improving students’ information-seeking behavior by building research requirements into classroom activities and homework. Participants will discuss how to help students navigate today’s information landscape, and will learn tips and suggestions for creating effective library research assignments. Attendees will also have the opportunity to update and improve their own research skills using online article databases and the Internet.
Goals and Target Audience:
This session is targeted at faculty and instructors. Goals for the session include: * gaining a working knowledge of information literacy, * understanding where students have information "gaps," and how to help students address those gaps, * learn how to create effective library research assignments, and * improve their own research skills, and learn how to guide students to the best research sources.