Program for the 2012 PDI

Wednesday, January 11th

9:00 AM

Session Title:
Viewing Your World with Google Liquid Galaxy
Melinda Laituri,Sophia Linn,David Ramsay
Instructional and Informational Technology
Wednesday, January 11th 2012
Start Time:
9:00 AM
Session Length:
50 Minutes
Morgan Library GOOGLE Station (1st floor)
View your world through an immersion in Google Liquid Galaxy. Fly over mountains, buildings, valleys and even navigate the ocean floor. Add GIS (Geographic information Systems) overlays to better understand their relationship to the world. Opportunities of how this unique Google Liquid Galaxy solution will benefit the learning experience will abound.
Goals and Target Audience:
The goal if this session is to realize opportunities to use Google Liquid Galaxy and Google Earth as teaching and research solutions for professors, instructors, researches and students.