Program for the 2013 PDI

Wednesday, January 16th

10:00 AM

Session Title:
Enhancing the Effectiveness of Lectures through the Use of Invention Activities
Lisa Dysleski,Dawn Rickey
Curriculum Development
Wednesday, January 16th 2013
Start Time:
10:00 AM
Session Length:
1 Hour, 50 Minutes
230 LSC
This session will introduce participants to a series of “invention” activities that we developed for our general chemistry courses, based on an instructional model that has been demonstrated to enhance transfer of learning in other content domains. During the activities, students work with data sets that highlight contrasting cases to invent formulas, procedures, and other general rules regarding topics that have not yet been discussed in lecture. Our intent is that participation in these activities will prepare students to learn with deeper understanding when the topics are discussed in lecture. Participants in this session will have the opportunity to experience one example activity as a "student".
Goals and Target Audience:
The session is intended for faculty members who want to use research-based approaches in developing and implementing classroom activities that support transfer of learning. It will explain the basic structure of the activities that we developed, as well as a present of some of the successes and challenges that we experienced with implementation. It is also intended for advisors who work with CHEM 111 students, to provide information about how the activities are structured and insights into the goals of the CHEM 111 instructors in using the activities.