Program for the 2015 PDI

Wednesday, January 14th

9:45 AM

Session Title:
Achieve your diversity goals! Learn how to create electronic content that is usable and accessible to diverse learners using diverse technologies.
Allison Kidd,Shannon Lavey
General Technology Issues
Wednesday, January 14th 2015
Start Time:
9:45 AM
Session Length:
2 Hours
Morgan Library CC171
In this hands-on workshop, learn how to design materials that are flexible and usable for a variety of technologies, that work well for many students on many devices. The workshop will focus on a few tips for formatting your PDFs, Word Documents, and PowerPoint Presentations. Students are accessing course materials using a wide variety of operating systems, mobile devices, and software that allows them to listen to text, highlight key points for a paper, or manipulate documents on screens of all sizes. Student diversity is also greater than ever, including English Language Learners, non-traditional students such as veterans, and students with disabilities. Making course materials usable and accessible gives all students greater flexibility in their learning.
Goals and Target Audience:
Faculty, staff and T.A.s who prepare and deliver content electronically to students.