Program for the 2016 PDI

Monday, January 11th

3:30 PM

Session Title:
Engaging the Whole Student
Michael Brake,Teresa Metzger,Amy Robertson,Jennifer Schneider
Student Affairs
Monday, January 11th 2016
Start Time:
3:30 PM
Session Length:
1 Hour
304 LSC
Students come to college to learn the skills and make the connections necessary to live a successful life. We are confident that every student who attends CSU can succeed. The tricky part is creating an environment that encourages success inside and outside the classroom. To do that, it is critical to know as much about each individual as possible, listen closely to needs and allow for reflection, then customize services and support. To that end, the Taking Stock program was developed. The survey provides a further opportunity: to understand the students we serve better. Studying student success outcomes is typically limited to student demographics and a few academic characteristics. Results from the Taking Stock Survey now provide the opportunity to bring in psychosocial factors in our understanding of students’ persistence, GPA, and graduation rates. Come learn more about CSU first-year students!
Goals and Target Audience:
Faculty and Staff interested in the first year student experience at CSU should attend in order to: • Understand first year students’ experience with particular emphasis on their students’ financial concerns, homesickness, resiliency, commitment to CSU, adjustment, and self-image • Learn how psychosocial factors can impact a student’s success above and beyond the traditional academic and demographic predictors • Explore how these predictors can be used in a wide breadth of areas on campus to strengthen student success initiatives • Hear about engagement efforts at CSU based on students’ responses, in the residence halls, at U-Turn and beyond • Discuss various outreach at CSU to strengthen and create a warmer and more supportive environment for first year students