Program for the 2016 PDI

Wednesday, January 13th

9:45 AM

Session Title:
Spring Ramp-Up: Echo 360
Frances Campana
Instructional and Informational Technology
Wednesday, January 13th 2016
Start Time:
9:45 AM
Session Length:
2 Hours
Computer Classroom 171 Morgan Library
Recording lectures and making them available for student review is becoming very popular as part of the blended learning experience for students. The campus currently uses Echo360 as a lecture capture standard and it is available to faculty in two ways; through hardware appliances that have been installed in a small handful of classrooms on campus, but also through ‘personal capture’ software that can be installed on your desktop or laptop. This session will cover both options but will focus primarily on the functionality of the personal capture software and how it can be used to augment your course.
Goals and Target Audience:
Faculty and instructors