Program for the 2017 PDI

Tuesday, January 10th

8:30 AM

Session Title:
Curriculum: from Department to Degree Audit (and everything in between)
Katie Risheill,Andrea Russo,Shelly Ellerby
Curriculum Development
Tuesday, January 10th 2017
Start Time:
8:30 AM
Session Length:
1 Hour
376-78 LSC
Providing an opportunity to campus to learn about the University Curriculum process from input into CIM/CAT through approval. This will also inform on the cycle of the General Catalog as well as when and how approved changes are implemented in the Degree Audit.
Goals and Target Audience:
Department staff and advisors who wish to expand their knowledge on the entire curricular process for programs and courses and how these changes are implemented on campus, after approved through the University Curriculum Committee.