Program for the 2018 PDI

Monday, January 8th

1:00 PM

Session Title:
Grantwriting: Crafting Compelling Proposals
Sam Ernst,Peter Hartman,Dr. Kristina Quynn
Monday, January 8th 2018
Start Time:
1:00 PM
Session Length:
1 Hour
LSC 378
In today’s world of budget constraints, people are forced to look for ways to augment their traditional funding streams. One common route is grantwriting. Whether for private foundation or federal funders, there are a number of resources available at CSU for those interested in pursuing extramural funding. In addition to talking about the resources available to you here on campus, we’ll provide a snapshot of some helpful tips and techniques you can use when writing proposals so as to improve your chances for funding.
Goals and Target Audience:
Goals: The goals of this session are twofold: 1) to provide an overview of the world of grantwriting; and 2) to provide an introduction to the services offered at CSU that can be of benefit when seeking funding from private foundations and other funders. Targeted Audience: CSU Faculty and Staff