Program for the 2019 PDI

Monday, January 14th

9:00 AM

Session Title:
90s Nostalgia: What’s the 411?
Susan Horan
Critical Thinking
Monday, January 14th 2019
Start Time:
9:00 AM
Session Length:
50 minutes
LSC 372
Nirvana! Seinfeld! Tupac! Britney! Now that Millennials are all grown up and Generation X is hitting middle age, nostalgia for the 1990s is in full swing. Networks are rebooting 90s TV shows, bands are reuniting, and Crystal Pepsi even appeared on store shelves for a time. We’ll define what nostalgia is, why we indulge in it, and why 90s nostalgia seems to be growing at an accelerated rate. We’ll also look at some of the important news and cultural events of the 90s and how they shaped the world we live in today. Was the 90s really "the last great decade"?
Goals and Target Audience:
Anyone with an interest in history and/or pop culture.