Program for the 2019 PDI

Tuesday, January 15th

1:00 PM

Session Title:
Git Knows What You Did Last Summer: An Introduction to Git Version Control Software
Heather Cronk,Chris Slocum
General Technology Issues
Tuesday, January 15th 2019
Start Time:
1:00 PM
Session Length:
2 hours 50 minutes
LSC 312
Since its inception in 2005, Git has become the standard for version control, code sharing, and collaborative code development thanks in part to the software’s ease of use and extension through web-based services. This beginner-level hands-on introduction will cover the technical basics of Git via the command line, as well as how Git addresses reproducibility and transparency issues that are common across many fields of research. Participants in this session will (1) install and configure the software, (2) create local and remote repositories, (3) commit files, and (4) learn how to incorporate branching and merging to support testing new code features.
Goals and Target Audience:
The goal of this session is a gentle hands-on introduction to Git for version control. It is truly a class for beginners that assumes no prior knowledge of either version control or Git. Participants will need to bring a laptop on which they are comfortable working and have the necessary credentials to install software.