Program for the 2019 PDI

Wednesday, January 16th

11:00 AM

Session Title:
Autoethnography as Disciplinary Grounding: A Writing Intervention for Graduate Students
Nancy Henke,Sue Doe,Mehmet Ozbek
Writing and WAC
Wednesday, January 16th 2019
Start Time:
11:00 AM
Session Length:
50 minutes
LSC 308-10
In this session two members of the English Department and one member of the Construction Management program share a collaborative disciplinary writing workshop they’ve been doing for several years with new graduate students in the Construction Management Program at CSU. The objective of the writing workshop is to encourage graduate students to use writing to more deeply consider their identities, backgrounds and both past and current social contexts as they become new members of a graduate disciplinary community. More broadly, this workshop suggests the potential for the writing of autoethnography as an opportunity for graduate writers’ exploration of self and culture as they situate themselves in light of the discipline they have selected for graduate school.
Goals and Target Audience:
Goals: To help attendees understand how writing an autoethnography can be a useful exercise in any discipline to help students reflect on who they are as students in their field. Targeted audience: graduate faculty and advisors, graduate students, administrators of graduate student research, teaching, and professional development programs