Program for the 2019 PDI

Monday, January 14th

1:00 PM

Session Title:
Smart Cycling Part 2 (On Bike)
Erika Benti,Aaron Fodge
Safety and Health
Monday, January 14th 2019
Start Time:
1:00 PM
Session Length:
Half Day
LSC Plaza
Smart Cycling Part 2 will be held outdoors with your bike! The session begins with a set of drills to practice crash-avoidance techniques and hone your bike handling skills. Participants will also learn how to perform a safety check on their bike and to properly fit a helmet. After the drills, the group will set out on a ride through campus and into the surrounding community to practice a variety of scenarios, such as positioning at intersections, group riding and using special infrastructure. Each participant should arrive with their own bike in working order and helmet, and be dressed to ride outdoors. To borrow a bike and/or helmet for the session, please contact Erika Benti at or 970-491-7600 at least one week prior to the session.
Goals and Target Audience:
Smart Cycling Part 1 (Classroom) is a prerequisite to this session. This session will build confidence for riding with traffic on roads and on multi-use paved trails. The target audience ranges from current bicycle commuters to people who are interested but concerned about using a bicycle for transportation.