Program for the 2020 PDI

Wednesday, January 15th

10:00 AM

Session Title:
Building a Culture of Appreciation
Brittney Wolf,Natasha Davila
Management/Supervisory Skills
Wednesday, January 15th 2020
Start Time:
10:00 AM
Session Length:
50 minutes
LSC 382
Do you value appreciation? Do you know how to show appreciation towards others? Based on the book "How Full is Your Bucket?" and the 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work, this session will explore the immense impact that appreciation can have in your unit. Come learn about the importance of integrating a culture of appreciation in the workplace, the different ways in which people prefer to receive appreciation, and walk away with easy to implement tools and techniques to work toward a positive culture.
Goals and Target Audience:
Learn about the value that appreciation can bring to teams. Learn about the 5 Languages of Appreciation and how to apply them at CSU. Learn techniques for incorporating appreciation into department culture. Target audience: Managers/Supervisors, anyone interested in making improvements to their work unit culture.