Program for the 2021 PDI


Tuesday, January 12th

1:00 PM

Session Title:
Mentoring Best-Practices for Equity and Inclusion
Colleen Webb
Advising Issues
Tuesday, January 12th 2021
Start Time:
1:00 PM
Session Length:
80 minutes
This session will introduce best-practices tips for mentoring students and postdocs with a focus on equity and inclusion. These best-practices should be considered when mentoring all types of mentees regardless of background or experience of the mentee. However, mentors should be culturally responsive and mentor through a lens of equity and inclusion to best support the success of mentees, including those groups that have been traditionally underserved. In addition to introducing best-practices for mentoring, we will cover brief, applied examples and the resources available at CSU to support mentoring, including the Graduate Center for Inclusive Mentoring.
Goals and Target Audience:
Goals: 1. Introduce best-practices for mentoring graduate students and postdocs illustrated with brief examples 2. Encourage lens of equity and inclusion when mentoring 3. Familiarize audience with resources at CSU to support best-practices mentoring Primary Audience: Faculty who mentor graduate students and postdocs Other groups that this information may be relevant for: 1. Postdocs who mentor graduate and undergraduate students 2. Graduate students who mentor undergraduate students 3. Other mentors of undergraduate students 4. Graduate program coordinators