Program for the 2021 PDI


Monday, January 11th

10:00 AM

Session Title:
Integrating Information Literacy into Your Classes
Meggan Houlihan,Renae Watson
Critical Thinking
Monday, January 11th 2021
Start Time:
10:00 AM
Session Length:
50 minutes
This workshop will focus on developing assignments and other course elements to integrate and scaffold information literacy in your classes. Starting from the definition of information literacy, we will look at several successful models and examples of integrating information literacy into class content. We will have dedicated Q&A time to address course- and discipline-specific concepts.
Goals and Target Audience:
This workshop is designed for faculty and graduate students, who are interested in incorporating information literacy into course content. Participants will leave with a basic understanding of information literacy and how these skills and concepts can be incorporated into syllabi, classroom activities, and homework assignments.