Program for the 2021 PDI


Wednesday, January 13th

11:00 AM

Session Title:
Yoga and Meditation for Relaxation
Kirsten Slaughter-Rice
Personal/Professional Enrichment
Wednesday, January 13th 2021
Start Time:
11:00 AM
Session Length:
80 minutes
This gentle yoga class will explore yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to help participants let go of stress, tension, and tightness, calm the mind, and settle the body. We will practice basic yoga poses and explore the openness and release that comes from combining breath and movement. Participants will learn techniques they may incorporate into their daily life to decrease stress and cultivate relaxation. Take a moment to move, find your breath, and surrender stress or tension. Recommended that participants have a yoga mat or towel; other props, including a blanket, towel, pillow or blocks are optional.
Goals and Target Audience:
Goals: To take a break and practice yoga, breathing, and yoga! To practice yoga postures and breathing and meditation techniques to reduce stress and promote relaxation To learn poses and techniques that may be practiced throughout the day to reduce stress and cultivate relaxation Targeted Audience: Everyone is welcome. No previous yoga or meditation experience is required.