Program for the 2021 PDI


Tuesday, January 12th

11:00 AM

Session Title:
Understanding Creative Commons licenses in open publishing
Khaleedah Thomas
Tuesday, January 12th 2021
Start Time:
11:00 AM
Session Length:
50 minutes
Are you interested in sharing your work with others but aren’t sure how to move beyond the traditional restrictions of copyright law? Today, Open Access (OA) and Open Educational Resources (OER) have significantly altered the scholarly publishing landscape as more scholars have embraced these open initiatives. The key to maximizing these open initiatives is to understand how open licenses work. This session will explore the basics of Creative Commons licenses and demonstrate how they can be used to support the open movement.
Goals and Target Audience:
This session will be of interest to researchers, faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and anyone interested in learning more about using Creative Commons licenses. At the end of this presentation, attendees will: 1. Understand the basics of Creative Commons licenses and how they work within the confines of copyright law. 2. Identify best practices for providing attribution to works licensed under Creative Commons. 3. Discover resources for choosing an appropriate Creative Commons license for their work. 4. Recognize which Creative Commons licenses are compatible.