Program for the 2021 PDI


Wednesday, January 13th

1:00 PM

Session Title:
Leading Change in Organizations | Administrative Professional Council
Dawson Metcalf,Kirsten Slaughter-Rice,Shawn Utecht,Yvonne Bridgeman,Jason Scott
Personal/Professional Enrichment
Wednesday, January 13th 2021
Start Time:
1:00 PM
Session Length:
50 minutes
This session will follow the "Leading Change" framework developed and popularized by Dr. John P. Kotter to better understand how Administrative Professionals can create sustainable and equitable change in our organizations and departments. Participants will also receive information about the Administrative Professional Council, the importance of shared governance in the decision-making process, and how one can become involved with the council.
Goals and Target Audience:
Goals: -To share a framework in which APs can approach creating change within their organizations/departments. -To explore the concept of shared governance and how it leads to a more equitable decision-making process. -To better understand the mission of the Administrative Professional Council at CSU, and the role it plays in forming new policies and practices at the institutional level. Targeted Audience: Administrative Professionals at CSU