Resources for Hybrid/Blended and Online Teaching

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Faculty Showcase Videos:

Below are video clips from a series of Keep Teaching Faculty Showcase Webinars that highlight strategies for delivering and assessing online and blended courses.

Related resources are linked in the description field below the videos in YouTube.

Canvas Tools

Organizing Your Canvas Shell for Clarity & Transparency, A. Brothers

Formatting Online Exams in Canvas
S. Bechara

Online Exams: Using the Canvas QuizTool & Question Groups, D. Baker

Canvas Question Banks: General Considerations, F. Young

Canvas Question Banks: Strategies for Building, F. Young

Canvas: Building Question Banks & Question Groups, F. Young

Canvas Question Banks Q & A: Quiz Logistics, F. Young

Canvas Aides for Student Integrity, CSU Proctoring Team

Classroom Climate/Student Motivation

Safe Learning Environment Strategies
A. Brothers

Quick Hits to Help with Online Facilitation
T. Lopez

Engaging Online Learners...and Keeping Them Engaged
L. Kaiser

Using Weekly Game Plans to Promote Consistency
H. Otis

How to Use an iPad & PC to Draw and Record during Online Instruction
J. McLean

Instructional Strategies for Classroom Climate
J. Reinke

Using online Kahoot! Games
A. Allen

Encouraging Student Engagement
N. Wright

Online Discussion

Online Discussion: Assigning & Rubrics
L. Ward

Online Discussion: Best Practices
L. Ward

Online Discussion: Student Feedback
L. Ward

Academic Integrity

Canvas Features Which Enhance Student Integrity, CSU Proctoring Team

Canvas Question Banks: Strategies For Building, F. Young

Online Exams Synchronous Vs Non & Chegg, D. Baker

Online Exams Timing & Trust
D. Baker

Academic Integrity at CSU: Issues and Solutions, Dr. Joseph Brown Jr.

Formative Assessment

Concept Checks
J. Neuwald

Science Of Learning Spacing & Testing Using Canvas LMS
A. Cleary

Science Of Learning Q & A
A. Cleary

Summative Assessment Online

Online Assessments: Helpful Document Overview, S. Bechara

Open Book Online Exams: How To
B. Dik

Online Exams Timing & Trust
D. Baker

Online Exams: Canvas Formula Problems, D. Baker

Online Exams Formatting
S. Bechara

Online Exams: Synchronous Vs Non & Chegg
D. Baker