Top To-Dos for New Graduate Students

1) Attend Graduate Student Orientation. Each semester the Graduate School offers a brief orientation regarding graduate student life. Attendance is highly recommended.

Included are short presentations on CSU safety issues as well as on the ethical conduct of research. The orientation will also introduce you to many of the Graduate School's online resources.

2) If you are seeking in-state tuition classification for your second year, you must petition and qualify for Colorado residency. It is highly recommended that you attend one of CSU's residency orientation sessions at the earliest opportunity.

For more information on Colorado residency requirements, orientation dates, and the petitioning process, please visit the office of Student Financial Services located in Centennial Hall.

Note: You must meet all Colorado residency requirements for a minimum of 12-months prior to the semester in which you expect your in-state tuition petition to be granted.

If you choose not to obtain residency for your second year, you will be responsible for paying the difference between resident and non-resident tuition.

3) Contact your academic advisor to schedule an appointment to meet, and begin forming what should become a lasting relationship with frequent communication. If you are unsure of who your advisor might be, please contact your department.

4) Establish a CSU electronic identity (eID) online at eIdentitiy. Once you have an eID, you can apply for a RamCard. It allows you access to many of the University's electronic resources. The RamCard Office is located in the Lory Student Center.

5) After meeting with your advisor, register for classes. Class schedule information, registration procedures, and courses to be offered during a given term are available online. Students may access electronic class schedules through RAMweb or the Registrar's Office.

6) Make housing arrangements and update your address with the University, also on RAMweb. You might also want to visit Housing and Dining Services and Off-Campus Life.

7) Complete a health history form and provide a copy of your immunization records. Get a head-start by visiting the Hartshorn Health Services. In addition, all new full-fee-paying resident-instruction graduate students are required to enroll in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan or opt out by demonstrating comparable health insurance coverage. For more information, visit the Student Health Insurance Office.

8) Buy a parking permit from University Parking Services and/or register your bicycle with the CSU Police Deparment's Bike and Traffice Office.

9) Expect your life to become more hectic than you have ever imagined, and combat this by learning to organize your time efficiently. But most importantly, enjoy the intellectual adventure that you have already begun.

Download the Top 10 To-Dos for New Graduate Students