Requirements for the Graduate Teaching Certificate of Completion


The Institute for Learning and Teaching advances research, promotes effective practices, and provides direct support to faculty and students to enhance learning, teaching, and student success. TILT works to achieve its mission within the Colorado State University community by creating and supporting collaborative programs, initiatives, and activities among students, faculty, and staff in the divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Enrollment and Access. In the interest of furthering this mission, the Graduate Teaching Certificate Program is open to any and all: GTA'S, GRA'S and Post-Doctoral Students.

The Graduate Teaching Certificate of Completion Program is flexible and may be individually tailored to suit both your personal and your disciplinary interests. It requires a commitment of approximately 40 hours as well as the creation of a Teaching Portfolio. vHowever, any graduate students who would like to have more information on teaching and learning pedagogies but do not wish to commit to the full requirements needed to complete the program are welcome to participate in any of the workshops/seminars for the experience and learning process. The completion of the Portfolio is only required of those wishing to complete the certificate program.

The Graduate Teaching Certificate of Completion Program is flexible and may be individually tailored to suit both your personal and your disciplinary interests. It requires a commitment of approximately 40 hours as well as the creation of a Teaching Portfolio.

The teaching Portfolio, consists of several important documents and serves as the primary record of your work on the Certificate. Upon completion, it will be reviewed by the Graduate Teaching Certificate Review Board and then published on the TILT Web site.

If you'd like to create any of the portfolio documents for your own personal use without completing the certificate, you are welcome to use the TILT resources and meet with TILT staff for consolation.

General Requirements

The basic program requirements are listed below. Please note that they are flexible and that you may design your own program in consultation with Graduate Teaching Certificate of Completion Review Board members.

Attend 12 Pedagogical Workshops or Seminars

Write and Submit 12 Pedagogical Workshop Responses

To complete the full program, students must attend 12* Pedagogical Workshops/Seminars and write and submit the workshop/seminar review form. Faculty and staff from across the university offer a variety of pedagogical workshops each semester. You will find many of them in the Professional Development section of the TILT website. These can be any combination between the 12 Workshops/Seminars or 6 Short Courses over the time span of enrollment to achieve the 12 credits needed.

*For those required to participate in a 1-3 credit pedagogical course by their department for the GTA program, this number is only 6, as the other 6 workshops will be covered by the class. You will still be required to complete 12 Workshop/Seminar Review forms as a reflection on what you've learned. If you have already taken the credit course you will need to fill out review forms for 6 things you learned in the course.

Note: See list of available Credit Courses that will fulfill departmental requirements.

View Seminars, Workshops, and Colloquia

Download Workshop/Seminar Review Forms

20 Hours of Hands-On Instructional Teaching

Teaching, Tutoring, Mentoring, or Interning

Students can combine and include more than one avenue of teaching in order to meet the 20 hour requirement. Students can also include more than 20 hours in their portfolio if they have participated in more than the required amount.

If you are a GTA, your experience in the classroom will contribute to your teaching expertise. If you are not a GTA, you can enroll in a teaching internship course, or you can apply to work as a tutor in one of CSU student services programs such as the CSU Writing Center or The Academic Advancement Center or as a research mentor with the Graduate-Undergraduate Mentor Program.

Apply using the Experiential Learning Form.

Create a Teaching Portfolio

Complete and Submit a Teaching Portfolio

a) The primary record of your work on the Certificate will be presented in a Portfolio, which you will publish on TILT's Web site. This Portfolio will reflect your beliefs about teaching, the theoretical perspectives that ground your beliefs, and your teaching goals, as well as the pedagogical practices that you would implement to accomplish those goals.

TILT usually hosts a how-to workshop on creating this Portfolio in the Fall and in the Spring semester. Please visit our Calendar of Events Page on the TILT website for the most up-to-date listing of TILT's workshops.

Write a Teaching Philosophy and Reflection Paper, lesson plans, teaching materials, sample assignments, sample syllabus, etc.

Create a Teaching Portfolio

View Customize Your Teaching Certificate

One Course in Post-Secondary Teaching
Counts for six units but not a requirement.

NOTE: Changes to this requirement.

  1. A credit course in Post-Secondary Teaching is no longer required, however, it will continue to count toward your certificate if you are taking or have already completed one.
  2. If a credit course in teaching is required as part of your disciplines' degree program, you may choose from the following departmental teaching theory and practice courses, however, you will will need to complete six reflections throughout the semester regarding how the content might be implemented in your own pedagogy.

Additional Option: Present a Peer-to-Peer Workshop

Research, put together, and present a workshop on a topic related to teaching/pedagogy for fellow graduate students in place of 2 of the workshops/seminars required for the certificate. Contact Hailey Otis if you are interested in this option.

Applying for the Certificate

To complete work on your certificate, you must submit your Portfolio for review. You may do so at any time. It will be reviewed by a member of the Graduate Teaching Certificate of Completion Review Board. When it is approved, your name and a link to your Portfolio will be listed on the TILT Web site.

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