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Diversity Workshop 2: Cross-Cultural Conversations

This workshop will expose participants to helpful models and communication principles for interacting across cultural differences. We might speak a common language, but still have very different ways of interacting depending on our cultural identity and back ground. Learning about cultural patterns can help us interact with our colleagues and serve our students more effectively. Join us in this substantive and interactive session. Lunch will be provided by TILT.

Dec 5, 2017


College of Natural Sciences - Master Teaching Initiative Luncheon

For many of us, when we arrive in front of our class at the semester's start, we see the sea of students most of whom are there because of a requirement. We have expectations for them and they have expectations for them. But did you ever wonder what students are thinking or doing during class? or how they even chose that particular class? Then try being one of them... During Spring 2017, I enrolled in LGER100, German 1, and had the experience of being a student again. In this MTI, I will lead a discussion about student behaviors both on at the basis of my own experiences and drawing from the anthropological study presented in the book My Freshman Year by Rebekah Nathan, and other resources. Please come ready to share your own questions and experiences. I hope you'll join the discussion! Please RSVP to cns_info@colostate.edu by Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

Nov 29, 2017


Writing a Teaching Philosophy

As post-secondary teachers, it is becoming increasingly more important to articulate an individual teaching philosophy and that it be available for review when applying for a college or university faculty position. This Workshop Will: Overview research on what potential employers are looking for in a Teaching Philosophy Highlight the central information that should be included Share strategies that ensure an engaging, succinct, and audience-appropriate document This workshop may be counted toward the 12 workshops required for the Graduate Teaching Certificate. Lunch will be provided by TILT.

Dec 5, 2017