How are Academic Misconduct Records Maintained?


In accordance with federal law, disciplinary records at Colorado State University are kept separate from academic and all other university records.

Findings of academic misconduct are maintained in a student's disciplinary record—which is not their academic record—for as long as a student is enrolled AND for seven years after their last day of enrollment.

The record becomes permanent only when a student is expelled, or an "AM" sanction has been noted on their transcript. At that time the sanction is added to, and becomes part of, the academic record.

Release of Records

Records may only be released under the following conditions:

  • To a CSU employee in an official "need to know" capacity
  • To anyone covered by written permission from the student
  • In compliance with a lawful subpoena or other court action

One Last Thing:

Students have the right to view their disciplinary record upon request.