What Happens When I File an Incident Report?

Faculty and other instructors involved in cases of academic misconduct partner with the office of Student Resolution Center (SRC).

Procedures for instructors are spelled out in the Faculty Manual and in our Academic Integrity Guide: What to do at CSU When You Suspect Cheating.

Instructors always have the authority to determine grading penalties when the Academic Misconduct clause of the Student Conduct Code has been violated. (See What Grading Penalties May I Impose?)

SRC is responsible for record keeping, for deciding cases at the instructor's request, for deciding disputed cases, and for imposing additional sanctions to the grading penalty imposed for the course. (See Academic Misconduct: What are the Consequences?)

The Conflict Resolution staff also consults with students about the conduct process, their options when they are accused of misconduct, and helps those students correct future behavior.

TILT's Academic Integrity Program, in concert with faculty, SRC, and ASCSU, works to prevent academic misconduct by reaching out to both students and instructors and assisting instructors with university procedures when a case is suspected.