What If I am Accused of Cheating?

First Things First

You will not be penalized without having an opportunity to explain yourself, to either your Instructor or a Hearing Officer from the Student Resolution Center.

Your instructor may ask to meet with you for a discussion of the situation. You will need to bring all of your notes, source material, and drafts—if the issue is a paper you wrote—to this meeting.

If, after hearing your side of the story, your instructor continues to suspect academic misconduct, he or she may pursue one of three options. You will then be informed of the decision and the course of action that follows.

Instructor Options

  1. Your instructor may decide that you have committed academic misconduct, impose a grading penalty, after which he or she will notify the Student Resolution Center of both the decision and the penalty imposed.
  2. Your instructor may decide that you have committed academic misconduct, impose a grading penalty, and refer your case to Student Resolution Center for consideration of additional University Sanctions.
  3. Your instructor may notify the Student Resolution Center that you are suspected of violating the Academic Misconduct section of the Student Conduct Code and ask that a Hearing Officer be assigned to hear the case and make a decision.

Regarding Instructor Option 3

  • If, in fact, you are found to have committed academic misconduct, your instructor will impose a grading penalty.*
  • If not, you will receive the grade you earned on the assignment.
  • * Note: In addition to your instructor's grading penalty, a Hearing Officer may impose university sanctions as well.

Your Options

You are not without options. Should you disagree with a decision made by your instructor regarding the commmission of academic misconduct, you have the right to request that your case be referred to the Student Resolution Center.

You also have the right to appeal a Hearings Officer's decision. Should you lose the appeal, however, the grading penalty initially imposed by your instructor will stand.

If it is found that there is insufficient evidence to support an allegation of academic misconduct or you are cleared altogether, the instructor shall determine your course grade based strictly on your academic performance

If a grading penalty was already assigned, the instructor must revisit the grade and make appropriate changes.

For More Information:

The Student Resolution Center staff are available to explain the hearings process and answer all your questions. To make an appointment, call 491.7165.

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