Guiding Principles

What We're All About

  1. Learning Programs offers opportunities for students to develop their repertoire of academic skills and strategies, allowing them to take responsibility for their own learning by making strategic choices about how to learn.
  2. Students enter Colorado State University with varying levels of preparation and from diverse backgrounds and experiences. TILT Learning Programs offers foundational support as well as advanced learning opportunities to prepare students for typical course challenges and enrich the learning environment for all students.
  3. The best way to learn effective academic skills and learning strategies is in the context of students' academic and professional field. To this end, academic assistance through TILT Learning Programs is expressed in terms of how students strategies can be applied to student's academic and professional goals.
  4. TILT Learning Programs strives to create an inclusive environment where students with diverse backgrounds, skills, and abilities will feel comfortable asking questions and developing new strategies for learning.
  5. TILT Learning Programs strives to help students become strategic learners, equipping them for a lifetime of inquiry and discovery.
  6. Learning requires active cognitive processing. TILT Learning Programs curricula focus on teaching students the importance of learning actively rather than passively. This involves connecting new information encountered in the classroom with information students already know.
  7. To support collaborative learning, TILT Learning Programs offers enrichment opportunities and workshops where students can connect with other students, and support programs where students work with peers to discover new ideas, master content, and, ultimately, achieve academic success.

In Brief:

TILT's Learning Programs are designed to enhance the educational experience of students at Colorado State University by enhancing academic skills, supporting work in courses, offering enrichments that go beyond the classroom, and providing preparation for life after graduation.