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Our study groups support courses across different colleges and subject areas—from engineering mechanics and human nutrition to psychology and sign language.

NOTE: Study Groups are FREE to all students. No pre-registration required.

Study Group Leaders for 2020-21

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Spring 2020 Study Group Schedule

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Photo of Mekdelawit Desta

Mekdelawit Desta
Learning Programs Coordinator

Rm 146
Email Phone: 970.491.1779

Why Join a Study Group?

You will be involved in an interactive, transformative, and effective learning experience with students who have previously mastered the course content and who have been trained to facilitate group sessions.

What Happens in a Study Group?

Similar to study groups you've been involved with before, you will meet weekly with others in your course.

It's an opportunity to deepen your understanding of content, discuss tough concepts, learn effective study techniques, get course tips, prepare for exams, and practice the skills needed to be successful.

NOTE: You're going to make new friends.

When and Where Do They Meet?

Study group session days, times, and locations vary by course, so please check the Study Group schedule we have posted here.

NOTE: Sessions occur throughout the week.

Exceptions are: the first week of class, university holidays, and finals week.