Meet Your Study Group Leaders

CIVE 260

Nick Weaver

I'm the SGL for CIVE 260 (Statics). I am a junior Civil Engineering student. I have lived in Colorado all my life and come from a family full of Rams. I love to teach and interact with people and I am excited to have the opportunity to do that as the SGL for CIVE 260.

CIVE 261

Nick Yearout

Hey! I'm a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at CSU and I am also the SGL for CIVE 261 (Dynamics). I love being an SGL because it allows me to help my peers overcome challenges I recently encountered. Every study group I'm siked because I am truly passionate about helping people learn. In my free time I like to learn about airplanes, climb mountains, write poetry, and travel. I really enjoy connecting with students on a personal level. So please come in, tell me about yourself, and learn about Dynamics!!!

ECON 202/AREC 202

Lauren Burr

Hello microeconomics students! I am a junior at CSU double majoring in Economics and Cultural Anthropology. In addition to my role with TILT, I am secretary for CSU's Undergraduate Women in Economics club and a Cultural Mentor with the Office of International Programs. As TILT's Lead SGL, I get to work with students in my study group as well as other peer educators and staff. I love it because it combines my love of helping others with my field of study in economics. It is always rewarding to share my passion for my major in a way that fosters success for those in microeconomics courses.

ECON 204

Gabby Greenberg

I am currently a senior at CSU, studying Finance. I am really looking forward to helping other students understand macroeconomics and succeed in their course work. This fascinating topic can be difficult to conceptualize, however, it is an influential aspect of the world we live in. As an adult, it is important to understand the micro and macro effects we have on our economy for both personal and professional reasons. I am excited to help students prepare better for their future by enabling them to accomplish their goals for the school year.

ECON 304

Kathryn Schell

Hello Accounting 205/210 students! I'm a junior Business student concentrating in Accounting and minoring in Economics. I am a triplet and have a brother, William, and sister, Anna, who also attend CSU. A few of my favorite things to do are play basketball, eat tacos, make jokes, and spend time outside. I look forward to meeting many new students this upcoming semester and I am very excited to aid students in learning the basics of the language of business.

ECON 306

Zac Koch

I am a Colorado native and a big outdoorsman. I'm a die-hard Bronco fan and I think sports are one of the coolest artificial creations. I am a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in English, and I do truly believe economics hold the answers to the world's problems if everyone utilized the proper tools individually.

FIN 300/305

Meagan Stack

Hi everyone! I'm a senior studying Corporate Finance, Human Resources, and Management. I love taking finance classes because they help me in my personal financial planning and are going to help me build a stronger business case for my projects in the future. As the SGL for FIN300/305, I can't wait to work with everyone so you feel more confident in the class, but also understand how the concepts are applied outside of the classroom.

FSHN 350

Maggie Jaeger

I am a senior in my last semester studying Food Science and Human Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics and a minor in Spanish. I am ver involved in my sorority, Pi Beta Phi, serve as an SGL for TILT, and works as a Student Consultant for the CSU Health Network. The connections I develop between myself and the students is what excites me most about being a SGL for TILT. I love my job and I love helping you; come and see me!

FSHN 470

Eli Finer

I am a senior majoring in Food Science and Human Nutrition with a Concentration in Nutritional Sciences. Outside of being an SGL, I am a part of the Colorado State Rowing Team and work in Tiffany Weir's lab looking at the impacts of the gut microbiota on health. I am excited to be helping students learn the material of FSHN 470 this semester. As one of the most daunting and interesting courses of the FSHN major, I want to make the material less overwhelming and more fun and applicable. I look forward to developing relationships with students and having good time discussing metabolism!


Julianna Schuetz

I am a senior here at CSU and I am Human Dimensions in Natural Resources major. American Sign Language has been something I have been passionate about for as long as I can remember. I'm hoping to instill my passion for ASL and its culture in my fellow Rams, and create a more inclusive and welcoming community for our fellow hard-of-hearing and deaf Americans.

MU 117/118

Alex Young

Hello Musicians! I am a second-year Music Composition BM major. I plan on going to grad school to get my doctorate in Music Theory to some day become a Music Theory professor! I am a vocalist primarily but I also play violin, piano, and euphonium. I am so excited to give students a tool to succeed musically and academically as well as further our passion and knowledge for music.

PSY 100

Pauline Freud

Hi, I'm the new PSY 100 SGL! I'm currently a Psychology major in my senior year, and the new president of CSU's undergraduate psychology club, Psi Chi. I am specifically interested in clinical/counseling psychology, so my plan is to continue on to grad school after my time at CSU. Overall, I'm excited to start my first year as an SGL because I am incredibly passionate about my major, and I can't wait to share that enthusiasm with anyone exploring the field.