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TILT's Academic Success Workshops provide opportunities to learn and or sharpen specific skills needed for academic, professional, and personal success.

NOTE: These 50-minute workshops are interactive, involving various exercises and lots of discussion. Please come prepared to write, share, and engage with your peers.

NOTE: TILT Workshops are FREE to all students. Pre-registration not required.

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2017-18 Workshop Facilitators

Melanie Moehlenpah and Tianna Zachariah

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Fall Workshop Schedule
TILT — Room 221

Mondays | 4:30-5:30 pm and Thursdays | 6-7 pm

Time ManagementMonday, Oct 15 | Thursday, Oct 18

Do you have too much to do and not enough time? Prioritize your schedule and learn how to make the most out of your time in college. Students will come away with tools they can use, not only for academic planning, but career, and personal life.

Public Speaking StrategiesMonday, Oct 22 | Thursday, Oct 25

Come join us in this fun, interactive workshop where we will talk about how to create and give dynamic presentations. Plus, it never hurts to learn a few tricks and tips on managing nervousness.


Understand why and how you procrastinate. Procrastination is not curable, however, this workshop teaches ways to develop healthy habits and how to implement strategies for overcoming procrastination.


Students often do the same thing when they sit down to "study": read over and over again, with maybe some highlighting thrown in. Come to learn specific ACTIVE LEARNING strategies that are most effective for learning and retaining material.

WHERE DID MY MOTIVATION GO?Monday, Nov 12 | Thursday, Nov 15

Feeling the semester slump and motivation is nowhere to be found? Let us help you gain your momentum back through the approaches of Growth Mindset and help you understand what factors are leading to low motivation.

Thanksgiving Break — Nov 17 | Nov 25

Memory and ConcentrationMonday, Nov 26 | Thursday, Nov 29

Maximize your memory's ability to remember critical information, recall tricks and strategies to enhance material learning. We will also discuss ways to improve concentration strategies and how to elimination distraction factors when it's surrounding us at most times.

Test-Taking Strategies Monday, Dec 3 | Thursday, Dec 6

Develop a plan to finish the semester strong. We'll cover test-taking strategies for true/false, multiple choice, short answer, and essay. We'll give you preparation tips for test day as well as tips on how to handle test anxiety.

Well-Being Wednesdays
Presented by CSU Health Network

Wednesdays | 4:30-5:30 pm

Physical Self-Care WorkshopWednesday, Oct 17

Participants are introduced to the importance of practicing good physical self-care habits: eating, exercise, sleeping, etc. Participants are provided with helpful tips and resources and will engage in relevant discussions as well as complete their own self-care assessment. The take away: a self-drafted plan ready to implement in their own lives.

A Full Life: Pathways to Well-Being Wednesday, Oct 24

What makes a good life? Learn about the three research supported pathways to well-being: pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Get tips on how to use these pathways to help you be more resilient and live a more fully balanced life this semester.

The Stress Less ProgramWednesday, Oct 31

Participants in this interactive presentation will gain a better understanding of the stress response, the positive and negative effects of stress, and the influence of the mind/body connection to stress management. Discussion and activities will help you better understand the causes of stress, identify its warning signs, and how to use different coping techniques and resources.

Test AnxietyWednesday, NOv 7

This workshop focuses on how to recognize and overcome test anxiety. Self-assessment and group discussion are designed to help participants identify whether their struggles stem from test-preparation problems or test-anxiety challenges. Throughout the workshop there are opportunities to practice and build new skills.

Rams Fail ForwardWednesday, Nov 14

Failure has much to teach. If you've experienced it, you're not alone. Most of us are hard wired to avoid the pain of failure. This innate response can reduce our capacity to recover and can negatively impact our health. Learn the steps you can take to help cope, learn, and grow from life's inevitable difficulties.

Thanksgiving Break — Nov 17 | Nov 25

Boosting Belonging | Sponsored by SLiCE Wednesday, NOv 28

Learn how to increase your confidence when connecting with your peers and how to be more authentic, curious, and open in your interactions with them. Learn how to speak with a smile, use other people's favorite words, and avoid the worst of small talk as well as how to integrate the A-Z Talk, the Engagement Ring Story, the Left Eye and T-Rex concepts into your communication style.

Creative Chill OutWednesday, Dec 5

Being creative can help reduce stress by giving the thinking mind a break. Creating something can be a restorative, mood booster and takes very little time. At this session we will look at ways to introduce creative breaks into the small moments of our everyday lives. No prior skills required.