Current Academic Success Workshops

Spring Semester 2019
TILT — Room 221 

Tuesdays | 5:30-6:30 pm — Thursdays | 6:00-7:00 pm

Spark Your Motivation
Tues – March 26 | Thur – March 28 

Feeling the semester slump and motivation is nowhere to be found? Let us help you gain your momentum back through the approaches of Growth Mindset and help you understand what factors are leading to low motivation.

Benefits of Study Groups
Tues – April 2 | Thur – April 4 

Learning is a messy process! Next time you find yourself having difficulty studying alone or retaining information, how about you try studying with others. In this workshop, we will cover the many benefits of forming a study group with your peers and/or attending tutoring sessions. Through collaborative learning, our mission is to promote the love for learning.

Fundementals of Networking
Tues – April 9 | Thur – April 11 

Learn how networking can benefit your academic and professional goals. We will discuss the benefits of networking—and how to succeed—in growing your circle. You will practice how to make authentic connections.

Time to be Organized
Tues – April 16 | Thur – April 18 

Is organization affecting your school work and personal life? Come learn effective organization skills all students should adapt. Creating a better organization habits can help you perform better on assignments, decrease stress and give you more free time for other tasks.

Procrastination…Still looking for a title
Tues – April 23 | Thur – April 25 

Understand why and how you procrastinate. Procrastination is not curable; however, this workshop teaches ways to develop healthy habits and how to implement strategies for overcoming procrastination.

Excelling in Summer Session
Tues – April 30 | Thur – May 2 

You are not alone! 3 of 5 students participate in CSU Summer Session at some point.  Summer is a great time to earn credits in a shorter timeframe. Come and gain tips for being successful in classes that move along at a quicker pace. Plus, learn about campus resources available to support you during the summer.

Final Exam Study Tips
Tues – April 23 | Thur – April 25 

Develop a plan to finish the semester strong. Need a quick active learning study strategies and exam preparation tip? We have you covered. Plus walk away learning how to manage test anxiety and stress on the day of your exam.