History and Testimonials


First opened in 1990, the Science and Mathematics Tutorial Hall began as a free service provided by the College of Natural Sciences Undergraduate Retention Program. In the spring of 2009, the College of Liberal Arts joined in, providing assistance for select Liberal Arts courses and by Fall 2010, the Science and Mathematics Tutorial Hall was renamed the Arts and Sciences Tutorial Hall.

In its first semester—from its original home in Ingersoll Hall—the Science and Mathematics Tutorial Hall tutored 35 students in 15 courses. Today, over 30 tutors in the Arts And Sciences Tutorial Hall carry the tradition forward, offering the same free service in over 30 courses to the benefit of more than 3,000 students every semester.


"The study/tutor opportunity available in TILT is incredible. I would not have the grasp I do in my classes without the assistance of the staff there...the tutors are very approachable and friendly."

"Great tutors at TILT! I feel that if they were not there to help, I and many other students would struggle to grasp many of the more difficult concepts presented in our classes. By helping us to better understand the subject material students are able to keep up with the heavy work load and still have a little time for much needed rest!"

"I would be struggling mightily without their help. Thank you for making such a resource available (and FREE!!) to us students. It's amazing."

"The TILT tutors are great and I appreciate the program very much. When discussing CSU with others I frequently express the availability of additional resources such as this provided by our institution as something that sets CSU apart. I have a 4.0 at CSU and frequently have the highest grade on exams in large/ difficult courses, and I attribute my success in part to the availability of resources such as this."

"I like how they don't make me feel inferior to them for not knowing the subject matter well. They provide a comfortable environment for me to keep asking questions until I get it..."

"I left tutoring understanding all the material, it was a great relief and EXTREMELY helpful."

"They really do a great job helping me understand and feel confident about the subject matter I ask for help on."