Daniel Woldtvedt, 2007 Goldwater Scholar

Daniel Woldvedt

Daniel Woldtvedt, a senior from Cut Bank, Montana, has worked in the Colorado State Orthopedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory. Under the direction of Christian Puttlitz in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, he is researching spinal biomechanics and the flexibility of the human spine.

Woldtvedt also received the 2007 Biomedical Engineering Society Undergraduate Research and Design Award. He is a Hughes Undergraduate Research Scholar and is also a McNair Scholar. He traveled to San Francisco in the summer of 2007 to present his research at the UC-Berkeley McNair Scholar Symposium.

Woldtvedt's goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon and researcher

After graduation, Woldtvedt plans to pursue a combination master's and doctoral program. His professional aspirations are to become an orthopedic surgeon and to conduct orthopedic research.

Denney, a senior from Fort Collins, is also a Hughes Undergraduate Research Scholar. As a research assistant in the lab of Patricia Bedinger in the Department of Biology, Denney analyzes the insertional mutations in genes that are expressed in pollen, using genetics and molecular techniques.

Denney also plans to pursue a combination master's and doctoral program to integrate biomedical research, clinical practice and teaching into a career as a physician-scientist.