Kyle Christianson, 2012 Udall Scholar

Kyle Christianson

Kyle Christianson is a junior Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology major from Fargo, North Dakota. He plans to pursue a PhD in Fisheries Biology and work to address the dire issues facing freshwater ecosystems today.

Kyle has lead community service projects in the Fort Collins area as a student officer in the American Fisheries Society. The projects aimed to get young people outdoors and invested in protecting the environment. He has worked on research for both the US Forest Service in Oregon and the Larval Fish Laboratory at CSU that has helped to inform and improve management of aquatic ecosystems.

Honorable Mention goes to Dykgreve

Katie Dykgreve, a sophomore at CSU, received honorable mention for the 2012 Udall Scholarship. Katie is a Restoration Ecology major from Helena, MT. She plans to work in land rehabilitation as a botanist.