Matthew Truelove, 2015 Goldwater Scholar

Matthew Truelove

Matthew Truelove is a Biochemistry major and Molecular Biology minor who plans to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and research. Thanks to the mentorship of Kelly Santangelo, Matt has become a key individual in the pathology laboratory at CSU's Diagnostic Medicine Center where he researches the effect of obesity on canine biochemical and blood parameters.

Matt's work will help researchers develop better diagnostic tools for obesity identification and his findings have been presented at the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute Summit in Longmont, CO, the Merial-NIH Veterinary Scholars Program National Symposium in Ithaca, NY, and the American Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathologist Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.

Matt's career aspiration to become a research focused veterinary physician scientist who bridges the gap between human and animal diseases, with a particular focus on obesity.

A veteran of the United States Navy, Matt has a passion for teamwork and a love for country. He served four years in the US Navy as a Special Forces candidate, surface rescue swimmer, helmsman, and deck rigger and completed two deployments—one in Central America and the other in Southern Europe and Western Africa.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys traveling, CrossFitting, Skiing, and many more adventurous activities. This spring, Matt is traveling through New Zealand with his fiancé learning about the cultural differences in relation to animal care.